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Farao is the musical identity of Norwegian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kari Jahnsen. Hailing from Ulnes, a small village of 500 people in the Nordic mountain valley of Valdres, Farao creates intricate, enchanting music that reflects the dramatic yet serene environments of her origin. Her songs bear a vibrant surface beauty, while deftly revealing the depths within.

“Hunter”, the first single to follow Farao’s self-titled EP from 2014, is transitive indie rock dashed with starry electronics – Jahnsen’s voice piercing through with pure pitch, and smooth, elided phrasing. She writes with a nordic forwardness, intoning songs of retribution and personal liberation with cathartic poise: If I have to I will haunt you like a phantom in the night… I can’t deny, I’ll track you down and shoot you like a hunter. Synthesizers lift the song’s mournful harmonium over a bed of rolling drums and funereal brass. Farao’s music ravels and unravels between tension and ease, played entirely by the multi-instrumentalist Jahnsen with dexterity, and her unimpeded imagination.

The now-London-based artist took to Iceland in 2014 to begin recording her first full album. Her intuitive collaboration with producer Mike Lindsay (of Tunng), coupled with the perpetual light of an Icelandic spring inspired an environment where Jahnsen was free to make bold artistic decisions without reservation. In stark contrast to the competitive industry of London, the collaborative community of Iceland enabled Farao’s full potential. With Jahnsen performing all instrumentation other than drums and brass, Farao’s newest music rests on complex arrangements, deep sonics, and her seductive lilt. Her debut full-lengt album is mixed by Grammy Award winner Andrew Scheps (Hozier, Lana Del Rey, Cass McCombs) and was issued by Arts & Crafts on September 11th.

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